Yoke of Abject Poverty Broken

I really want to appreciate the God of Chosen for lifting me from the world of abject poverty into the millionaires’ club. Owing to the ravaging menace of poverty in my life, I finished my primary school without a school uniform because I could not afford it after the demise of my parents. I continued to live under severe poverty until I found my way to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement and there found succour. From the moment I stepped my foot on this solution ground, the Almighty God began to rewrite my story. Today, He has finished the work and my name has been changed from ‘brother poverty’ to ‘brother millionaire’ to His glory. He has so prospered me through my business that today; I am an importer to His glory.

Sometime ago, my goods were seized at the port and was left there for over a month. I brought the matter before the God of Chosen and a word of knowledge came forth declaring that the goods must be released within a specified period of time. As I am standing on this pulpit, the God of Chosen has confirmed this word in my life. While in the service on the day the pastor ministered on the topic, “GOD HAS BEGAN TO EXCECUTE JUDGEMENT,” a call came through my phone informing me that the goods had been released and I was required to come over and take possession of them. After the release of the goods, the manufacturers called to inform me that three other containers were on the way. These I have also taken possession of and more are still on the way.

This once poverty stricken young man standing before you has been able to sponsor his younger sibling to overseas. Who says that the God of Chosen is not a miracle work?

Praise the Lord!
Bro. Uche Igwe

Published on 12th November, 2011


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