New Approach To Evangelism (updated)

Being mindful of our divine mandate to bring 10 billion souls into the kingdom of God, even at a time the population of the world is not up to 10 billion, it has become pertinent that we shall not rest on our oars; regardless of the numerical strength of the ministry until every ground is covered. With everywhere in the whole world as our mission field, we have the mission of taking the gospel message to everyone through every medium available. Hence, our adoption of the charismatic approach like the morning cry, mass evangelism, market evangelism, marine evangelism, the use of apron, the internet, power biking, etc.

Power bikers creating awareness ahead of Enugu 2011 programme

Bro (Pastor) Pius Eugene testifying about how God gave him a revelation and mandated him to buy 10 power bikes representing the 10 billion souls mandate.

Operation Locust Invasion marching out during Abuja 2011 programme.

Even the Pastor is not left out. He too is deeply involved in Operation Aerial Invasion. Pastor Lazarus Muoka coming out of Helicopter after the publicity in preparation of last Mgbidi crusade.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka and the crew landing after the publicity.

The Chosen Marine Evangelical Team in Operation-Heavenly-Militant-Invasion ahead of Bayelsa 2011(There Cometh One Mightier Than All)

A section of the Operation Reach Out Every Nooks and Crannies buses

The Church of God is matching on! Don’t be left out!! Get involved now!!!

Published on 12th November, 2011


  • sis chinwe okonkwo

    chosen is taking over all the hole world

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