About The Lord’s Chosen

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement was established officially on the 24th of December, 2002 under the leadership of Pastor Lazarus Muoka. The Lord’s Chosen came at a time when many believed that there was already a proliferation of churches. This was in view of the fact that nearly every street in Nigeria especially in the Southern part had a good number of churches already. In addition it was a total deviation from the ‘usual’ and familiar ways of worship. As a result, a lot of people believed that its days were numbered since it was unlikely to survive the intense competition and rivalry seemingly existent.

Today, that has proven not to be, even as the church has taken a leading role in the propagation of the gospel both within and outside Nigeria. Today, The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is vigorously pursuing its three-fold visions  – grass roots revival all over the world,  revival of the old apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ and the revival of heaven’s consciousness in the hearts of believers all over the world(aka, Heaven at last). The church is also relentless in its quest to actualize its ten-billion souls’ mandate which practically aims at turning in ten billion souls into the kingdom of God at close of age.

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is a church established on righteousness and holiness and dwells on both as the key to inheriting the kingdom of God. These it also aims to inculcate into its followership all over the world.

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Our Vision

1. Grassroot revival all over the world: With everywhere in the whole world as our mission field, we have the mission of taking the gospel message to everyone through every medium available, with our adoption of the charismatic approach like the morning cry, evangelism, market evangelism, the use of apron, internet, etc.

2. Revival of the apostolic christian experiences among the body of Chris: The Lord has commissioned us to bring back and stir a revival and restoration of the Christian experiences as genuine salvation, santification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, all the fruit of the Holy Ghos and accompanying gifts of the Spirit among the body of Christ – A greater part of which hitterto seemed to have slept or lost their focus.

3. Revival of Heaven consciousness among the body of Christ:
With the language of communicating righteousness and holiness in the church gone so week, such that sin is being taken for granted; with many going to church just to get the things of this world, being grossly unmindful of godliness and heaven, God has given us, as our third vision, a re-awakening of the indispensable consciousness of heaven among the body of Christ and thus, the ultimate goal – heaven at last.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to bring 10 billion souls into the kingdom of God. Though the population of the world at the moment is not yet up to 10 billion; our mandate is therefore, a continuous one. It is a mandate that will outlive us. That is why we shall never rest on our oars; regardless of the numerical strenght of the ministry until every ground is covered!

Standing Decrees

Check back for all the standing decrees from the mouth of His humble servant, our pastor.

Published on 12th November, 2011

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